Tafl AKA Viking Chess

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Tafl AKA Viking Chess

Postby arathorn on Tue May 17, 2016 4:47 am

Just thought I'd post something about this..


Games of the Tafl family are distinguished by the unequal size of the opposing forces. The objective is usually for the force of fewer numbers to take all the members of the larger forces whose aim is generally to stop them doing so.

A fragment of a gaming board of 18 x 18 squares, found in Wimose, Fyn, Denmark dated prior to AD400 is the first evidence of a game called Tafl, which also regularly appears in the early Icelandic sagas.

Tafl apparently developed into Hnefatafl (which literally translates as 'Kings Table'), which was played by the Saxons as well as other Northern Europeans on the same size board and which is mentioned in Icelandic sagas from the beginning of the fourteenth century. The Vikings took the game with them on their forages which helped it to spread far and wide. A Latin text written during the reign of King Athelstan (AD 925-40) describes the Saxon form of Hnefatafl which was played in England at the time. It was most popular in Northern Europe during the dark ages until Chess started to take over during the 11th Century and the last references to it being played are in Wales in 1587 and in Lappland in 1723. It isn't known exactly how either Tafl or Hnefatafl were played.

Evidence shows that the game of Tablut, described by a traveller called Linnaeus during his trip to Finland in 1732, is likely to have been very similar to Hnefatafl. It is played on a 9 x 9 board with one player controlling a King who starts in the centre and who is supported by eight blonde Swedes versus the other player who moves sixteen dark Muscovites. All pieces move orthogonally like a Rook in Chess, one players objective being to move the King to one of the corners, the others to take the King.

It actually predates Chess by hundreds of years. I've recently got a set, though I don't know anybody else who is interested in playing this type of thing, so at the moment it sits on my table looking good. There are also digital versions you can download for Android from Google Play.

Here are a couple of pics of my Tafl set, looking good, on my table, amongst a few other Saxon items....


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